Von York ® Cryogenic series Boutique Electric Guitar Strings
Von York Electric Guitar Strings are manufactured in the USA and meticulously placed in a controlled cryogenic chamber, which is first treated with ultra cold nitrogen gas. The materials are gradually cooled with the nitrogen gas and then slowly merged into liquid nitrogen for at least 24 hours.
The liquid phase provides the most efficient and uniform deep cryogenic soak at a consistent temperature of -320 degrees °F, then allowed to return very slowly to room temperature.
Why go to the trouble of cryogenically treating guitar strings? Are you insane? Science, my good people…science! You see, the stresses inherent in the metal would be relieved through the cryogenic purification process. The result of this process is a change in the crystalline structure of the metal. This change reduces residual stress created in the manufacturing of the wire and the string.


The cryogenic hardening optimizes the dimensional stability of the string steel by transformating the retained austenite to martensite and simultaneously releases and evenly distributes small carbide particles throughout the material. Totally geeked out? Yeah, we go there. The Result: The string is more stable and does not experience as great a degree of change in its overall tension as it is stretched during tuning and playing. This helps the string hold its pitch. The stability induced by our cryogenic treatment can actually increase the life of the string by reducing the amount of stretching during normal use, thus preserving its elasticity. No sacrifice in tone and consistent intonation. In other words, you sound awesome no matter what!

When you want the best, accept nothing less than Von York.





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